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  • Soloist(s) and Orchestra 
    •  Concerto for Guitar (1975) - 16 minute(s)

      Soloist(s)   Guitar  |   Orchestration   1101/0100/str

    •  Concerto for String Quartet (“Kisses Sweeter than Wine”) (1980) - 23 minute(s)

      Soloist(s)   String Quartet  |  Orchestration   0000/4230/timp.perc/[hca]/str                       (2(pic).021/2220/timp.2perc/[hca]/str)                               

  • Works for 2-6 Players
    •  Elegy (1975) - 20 minute(s)

      Orchestration   vn, vc, pf

    •  Piano Trio

      Orchestration   vn, vc, pf


EDITION PETERS PUBLICATIONS                                 click here to order titles from Paul's Edition Peters Catalog 

ALMA MATER DEI/ALLELUIA (ca. 5 minutes) (P68056) SSSAAA 

AN AFTERNOON ON THE PERFUME RIVER (ca. 13 minutes) (P68045) 2(Picc) 1 EH22.42.TimpPerc(2). 6Vln. 1.5 Vln. 2,4Vla,4Vlc.,2Cb 

AVE MARIA -- SCARBOROUGH FAIR (ca. 4 minutes) (P66564) 6-part Men's Chorus a cappella (2 Tenors, 2 Baritones, 2 Basses) 

THE BEAUTY OF THE ROSE IS IN ITS PASSING (16 minutes) (P66767) Bsn, 2 Hrns, Hp and P (1) 

*BIRDS OF SORROW (SYMPHONY NO. 2) (18 minutes) (P66909) 3(Picc)2(EH)22(Cbsn) 4431T, P(3), Cel, Hp, Str 

BRANCHES (ca. 7 minutes). Score (P66362) 2 Bassoons and Percussion (1) 

*CEREMONY I (12 minutes). Score (P66493) Ob.2Vcs. Cb, P(1) 

CEREMONY II ("Incantations")(7 minutes) (P66576) Amplified Fl, 2 Amplified Vcs, P (1) 

*CEREMONY III (ca. 11 minutes)(P66613)Small orchestra: 1201 2000 T, P (2-4), Str (6-4-3-3-1) 

*CEREMONY IV (9 minutes) (P66654) Large Orchestra: 3 (2 Picc) 323 Ten Sax (or Bcl) 6441 T, P(3), Hi, Str 

*CHOPIN PIANO CONCERTO No. 1 in E minor (34 minutes) (P66245) Piano and Orchestra 

*CONCERTO FOR SAXOPHONE AND ORCHESTRA (18 minutes) (P66818) Saxophone solo (E♭ Soprano, B♭ Sop, E♭ Alto), 2(2 Picc) 222 4331 Hp, T, P(2), Str 

CLARINET SONATA (ca. 12 minutes) (P67834a) Clarinet and Piano 

DANCES AT A GATHERING (Double Concerto) (ca. 18 minutes) (P68117) Solo Vln.Vc - 2.2.2.A-sax.2 - 3.3.2.Euph - T - 3 Perc - Hp - Pf - Cb 


DRIFTWOOD (7 1/2 minutes). Score and Parts (P66346) Vn, 2 Vas, Vc (alternate VnII part available) 

DUO CONCERTANTE (15 minutes) Score P67242) Set of Parts (P67242a) Violin and Viola 

ELLINGTON FANTASY (ca. 15 minutes) Score (P67211). Set of Parts (P67211a). 4 Ellington Songs Arranged for String Quartet: 1. I'm Beginning to See the Light. 2. Take the "A" Train. 3. Sophisticated Lady. 4. Mood Indigo. 

FANTASY (ca. 8 minutes) (P68232) Violin Cello and Piano 

FLEETING SHADOWS, STILL REFLECTIONS (ca. 9 miniutes) (P68042) Bassoon and Piano. 

*FOREST MUSIC (10 Minutes)(66418) 3003 4331T, P(2-3), Str. 

FOREVER ESCHER (ca. 14 minutes). Score (P67696) Set of Parts (P67696a) Saxophone Quartet (SSATBar) and String Quartet 

*GRASS (20 minutes) (P66540) Amplified Ob Solo, 2 (Picc) 101 2031 T, P(3-4), Str, optional tape 

HAIKU (ca. 6-7 minutes) (P67707) 2 flutes 

LIE LIGHTLY GENTLE EARTH (ca. 4 minute) (P68275) SATB 

LOGS (ca. 8-10 minutes) (P66364) Contrabass Solo (may be played by 2 or more players) 

MAGNIFICAT (ca. 4 minutes) (P66614) 6-part Women's Chorus a cappella 

*MAMBO CANE (ca. 7 minutes) (P67854) 3232 2 ASaxes, 2TSaxes 4341 Perc(3), Pl 

MISSA CARMINUM (Folk Song Mass) (25 minutes) (P66651) SATB-SATB, (occassionally subdivided into 12 parts) 

*MISTLETOE BRIDE. Ballet (31 minutes) (P66801) 2 (Picc)222(Cbsn) 4231 T, P(2), Hi, Pf/Cel, Str, Tape 

PRIMAVERA (ca. 15-20 minutes) (P66786) String Quartet 

REDWOOD (9 minutes) (P66999) Viola and Percussion (1) 

SAXOPHONE SONATA (ca. 12 minutes) (P67834b) E♭ Alto Saxophone and Piano 

SEQUOIA (15 minutes). Score (P67092) Set of Parts (P67092a) String Quartet (Tape) 

*SHINJU (Lover's Suicide) (40 minutes) (P66615) 2(2 Picc) 202(Cbsn) 3330 T, P(3), Hi, Pf, Str, Tape 

*SINFONIA CONCERTANTE (ca. 15 minutes) (P66817) Ob, Cl, Bsn, Trp, Hm, Trb, Vn, Va, Vc 

A SLUMBER DID MY SPIRIT SEAL (ca 4 minutes) (P67932) SATB 

SONATA (ca. 12 minutes) (P67834) Violin and Piano 

SONGS OF LOVE AND LOSS (ca.12 minutes) (P67834) Violin and Piano 

STRING TRIO (20 minutes). Score (P67093) Set of Parts (P67093a) Violin, Viola and Violoncello 

*SYMPHONY IN CELEBRATION (Ceremony V) (20 minutes) (P66653) 3323 Ten Sax 6441 T, P(3),Hi, Str 

*THE TEMPEST. Ballet (120 minutes) (P66826) 2 (Picc)222(Cbsn) 4231 T, P(3), Hi, Pf/Cel, Str, Tape. Suite from The Tempest (Divertimento) (ca. 50 minutes) (P66826a)

VIOLA SONATA (ca. 12 minutes) (P67834) Viola and Piano 

WHEN SOFT VOICES DIE (ca. 23 and 1/2 minutes) (P68273) 2(Picc) Ob, EH, 2, Bn, CBn, 4, 2, 3(BTbn), T, P, Cel, Hp,Str 

WILLOW, WILLOW (ca. 10 minutes). Score (P66363) Flute (amplified Bass Flute preferred), Tuba and Percussion (3) 

*WIND SONG (ca. 16 minutes) (P 66494) Vc. Solo, 2222 3230 T, P(1), Str. 


* performance material available for rental